Two Vegan Blog Posts You Gotta Read

July 25, 2013 — Leave a comment

Eat plants. Those two words are the best things I’ve learned about diet, and if you stick to that, you’ll likely be pretty healthy.

– Leo Babauta

If you only read a couple posts about becoming Vegan or at least eating a more plant-based diet these are the ones. You need to bookmark them, file them away for reference, and come back to them often. Both posts share a few ideas I’ve been wanting to write about for months. Not only did they beat me to it, they did a much better job than I ever would have.

I’m excited to share them with you and I believe you will get a ton of value out of them.

The Healthful Vegan Diet

by Leo Babauta (Zen Habits)

Leo is just an amazing person. (If you are unfamiliar with Zen Habits I suggest you take a look around his site after reading the post.)

In typical Leo style this post is articulate, in-depth and informative without any of the fluff. He’s stripped the Vegan lifestyle/diet down to the bare essentials and tossed the rest.

If you want to dive in to a plant-based lifestyle but don’t want to read endless books or brave the PETA website then I suggest you start here. It’s really the only post you’ll ever need.

My Rules for Navigating Vegan Life in a Non-Vegan World

by Matt Frazier (No Meat Athlete)

Matt’s website has been a regular stop for me ever since I became Vegan. When people ask if you can compete in an endurance sport with no meat I point them Matt.

His rules not only cover basic vegan principles but they dive into social conduct and manners – primarily avoiding the ones that give vegans a bad name.

I’ve developed my own similar rules prior to reading this post; most have come from lunches with clients or friends who don’t know the difference. I never have the heart to turn down something they’ve given me that is vegetarian but not vegan – bless them for at least being considerate of my choice. New vegans, old vegans, and especially self-righteous vegans should read this post and learn from Matt’s rules.

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